Assistance with picking your UK startup name:

1. We’ll help you to pick a strong name and go through the marketing and branding pluses and minuses of your name and various name ideas, with our branding team. (Worth £500 to £1,000 or limitless value)!

UK Startup Name Checking Services via Companies House:

2. We will check that the Company Name is free on Companies House for you, or come up with alternatives that are free. (Worth £25)!

UK Startup domain name checking service:

3. We will check that the domain name is free ( & .com) or what options are available for you. (Worth £25)!

UK Startups Social Media checking service:

4. We will check that the name is available on all Social Media Platforms. (Worth £50)!

UK Startups Companies House Registration Service and Social Media Setup Service:

5. If the name is free on everything we will register the company, the domains and set up all accounts on Social Media for you! (Worth £300 to £500)!

UK Startups logo, branding and documentation set up service:

6. We will work with you to create an awesome logo and brand and design all documents/paperwork required! (Worth £500 to £1,000)!

UK Startups Website Setup Service:

7. We will work with you to create an awesome website with great onsite SEO and with a marketing news blog which we will connect to your social media account for an efficient and effective marketing and SEO strategy. (Worth £1,000 to £2,000 or limitless value)!

UK Startups Content Creation & Content Marketing Services:

8. We will then create lots of great marketing content (at least 20 items including short presentation videos and info graphics) and start content marketing about your business, products, staff, case studies, testimonials, usp’s, values, events etc. (Worth £500 to £1,000 upfront and £200 to £500 per month ongoing)!

UK Startups Marketing Services:

9. We will build up your connections and contacts in the real world and / or online at networking events, business expos and using social media for your specific niche of clients and share any of our online and/or real world contacts with you, as well as share your content to our well established audiences over many platforms. (Worth £500 to £1,000 per month or limitless value)!

UK Startups Content Marketing Services:

10. We will create fantastic offers, trials, deals and case studies for your niche clients and their problems that they have, that you can solve and then regularly market these to your audience as it’s building up (and to our established audience whilst yours is building), and be clear on how you will solve their problems, be the best at doing so and by demonstrating how you will be easy to buy from (by setting systems up for you, so that you are easy to buy from online and in the real world). (Worth £500 to £1,000 per month or limitless value)!

New UK Business Startup Marketing Package value and pricing:

Based on realistic estimates the products and services in this package are valued at £2,900 to £5,600 in up front costs and £1,200 to £2,500 in ongoing monthly costs but ultimately when you get this right and grow your business correctly this deal represent an unlimited amount of value!

If we take an average of the ranges this package should cost £4,250 upfront for research, advice and set-up and £1,850 per month in ongoing content creation and marketing charges!

Limited time offer for the new UK business startup marketing package!

If you are serious about starting your business the right way and you would like someone to help you get it off the ground and grow it, sales and marketing hassle free for you, so that you can concentrate on other aspects of your business startup such as the provision of the products or services that you offer etc. then for a limited time only you can have the new business startup marketing package for £2,999 (saving £1,259), and £1,500 per month on going (set up on Direct Debit on a no fixed term, rolling contract basis – and saving you £350 per month on an ongoing basis)!

Buy now by quickly setting up the DD.

How the new UK business startup marketing package will work!

Step 1: We will take half of the set up fee immediately, and do all of the research, and website plus social media set up in month 1 – following a phone call which we will make within 24 hours (and a meeting within 7 days if possible, depending on location, in order to get all of your requirements and content together that is required for the first 30 day period) – £1,500.

Step 2: We will then collect the second half of the set up payment at the end of that month (or 30 day period) – £1,500.

Set up fee Sorted!

Step 3: We will create all of the ongoing marketing content in Month 2 (or the 2nd 30 day period) and get paid the first instalment of the £1,500 per month ongoing costs by the end of the 2nd month or within the first 60 days!

Step 4: On Receipt of the 3rd £1,500 Payment, so within the 60-90 day period we will start the ongoing services of Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Network Marketing and Advertising you and your business across our wide real world and online network of contacts and audiences which we will continue to do so for you on a monthly basis each time we receive a new £1,500 monthly direct debit.

As there is no fixed term contract the relationship will be on a rolling monthly contract and the ongoing services will continue for as long as the payments do or until you decide that you would like a meeting or chat to discuss increasing (or decreasing) the monthly budget over time.

*We will meet up with you or schedule a long review phone call on a monthly basis in order to provide feedback and discuss wins, improvements and new content, products and marketing strategy’s with you prior to each new months worth of outsourced marketing services!

Buy now via the set up of a monthly DD for the split Setup Payments as well as your monthly ongoing outsourced services fee.

If you would like to discuss any of this further please call your Key Account Manager Mike Armstrong on: 07960872549 who will be happy to answer any questions.